Block Party



What a way to start off the school year !  Welcome Black Weekend first event,  Block Party, at Central Michigan University was a success.  As different orgs started the show, it was quickly swept away by CODA and TARAJ’s performance of Salvation.

A little background information about Salvation, it was a single by both artists crafted and was released mid-summer.  (Link to the track is in Constant Heat playlist)  The song was a lot of play on words and had this upbeat vibe that is perfect for that road trip. As stated previously in the Salvation review,  CODA’s background on playing various instruments going into TARAJ’s knowledge and craftsmenship on accurate beat portions blends both of their styles equally.

The track is a summer favorite already, but now with the reaction of the crowd, it might become a year favorite. There was a lot of postitive energy bouncing off between these two artists as they continued to perform.

The Dynamic Duo (CODA and TARAJ) had a huge impact on the crowd as students began to know the verses and sang along with them.  Hopefully, this isn’t the last time they collobrate together. After the reaction of the people, it’s time to see what else these gifted artists has in store.