Dot. Dot. Dot.

Picasso, the greatest creation from Summer Monet, has dropped on soundcloud on May 27th and just in the expansion of three days, it has a little over 300 plays. After her other single, Dot Dot Dot, which reached 2,000 plays, Picasso is a nice follow up, showing a different type of style that she has.

With the constant laid back beat, Summer Monet’s vocals blends well with this track. This particular song, however, has a Sevyn or Kelly Rowland, vibe. It sets you in the mood with your significant other, just vibing out or giving it that late night feel; which paints a picture of a room with the lights out and candles lit everywhere. Picasso gives listeners an artistic side of an modern relationship.

This is only the beginning of Summer Monet music. Recommend this song to couples, lovers, potential baes, or anyone who just loves the beat. Don’t forget to click on the link above to listen to more.