“You will know SNAFU,” the artist repeats in the chorus of his latest song, Legacy. It was released on soundcloud about 2 months ago and already it has over 100 plays ever since.

Now, just a quick background. SNAFU is a new upcoming artist, but don’t underestimate him. Even though, FU is a new recruit, his growth in his sound is growing rapidly. When he released his first EP, The Dojo, it was more like a stamp for people to recognize who he is as an artist.  Now with Legacy, he is making it known that he is not here just for kicks, but to stay and make sure everyone knows and remembers what kind of artist he truly is.

Going into the dynamics of the song, the instruments produced to make this beat has a powerful, agressive vibe. It can take you back into time, of a dominant era where  wars were all that was known and it was either two choices: conquered or be conquered. SNAFU is making it known that he is far from being conquered. Instead his music will be so powerful, it’ll create a legacy.

{ Be advised! Listening to Legacy will inspire you to not give up on pursuing your dreams }