The Unthinkable Spin-Off


Alicia Keys orginial song, Unthinkable (I’m Ready) , was already a hit. Un-thinkable (Remix),  is that and more. Royale released his track,  on May 11th and in the span of 2 days, it has over 60 plays. On soundcloud, Royale stated in the description that the song was dedicated for that special girl in his life. On an outsider’s point on view, this song can  also play as the male perspective of Alicia’s track. Both songs carry a powerful message, talking about the push and pull of a relationship.

On one hand, Alicia talks about the beginning of a new level in a  relationship,  Royale talks about saving his relationship for a girl he pursuing and he is reassuring her that she has nothing to worry about because he is ready to be committed to her. The words flowing with Alicia’s beat is a heartfelt declaration to the girl he wants. It’s both poetic and inspirational for daily emotions between a boy and a girl. It even tells a story on how the effects of love pulled him in to make the decision to be all in and do the unthinkable.

This track is very powerful for beginning to end. Anyone who listens will be moved by the flow of a familar beat and poetic words followed by it. Don’t forget to click the link above and check out Royale’s Unthinkable moment.