September’s Finest

Royale released a ground-breaking mixtape, September’s Finest, that tells his story about who he is and where he comes from. It’s only been released for 17 days, and already he has over 100 plays to every song; some have over 200. Royale’s purpose was not only to tell about his life, but to give a message about empowering who you are and knowing where you come from. This mixtape breaks the barrier of all styles, fusing spoken word and rap on the same tape. He is true to his art, and is going against any stereotype of having to choose just one talent.

Now, let’s talk music:

Enemies, featuring 1440Zuu & SydneyKayy,  not only has a catchy chorus, but also talks about all the haters who tries to bring down your dreams. It’s simply put, you can be a bigger threat than your enemies and you shouldn’t stress because they’re the ones messing with the best. SydneyKayy simply put  “You steady talking, you aint bout it,” which really mean as much talk as they put in, no substance comes out of it. The beat blends in with the chorus very well and sets an inspirational tone. These is just one of the tracks that stood out.

Next is…

Power, which is a spoken word piece, that implies a young man using a gun as power over people. Royale explains the ties between the young man and his fate. Based on his past, he made the wrong decision on choosing a weapon as his power. Eventually, he will face all the consequences in the afterlife. Royale said it best: “You think this power will last you forever? But fail to realize there is afterlife… What happen to all that power in your hands?”

Soon, but not least…

Fun Type, featuring LGD’s very own,  Mz.Infamous, starts off with Royale ending things with his girl and calls up Mz.Infamous to blow off steam in the studio and to just have fun doing what they do best, making music. These artists are basically the Lyrically Duo. Their rhyme schemes blend so well together on a track and the beat matches their energy.

But….Don’t just take my word for it.

These are just some of the tracks that stuck out.  Be sure to listen to his whole mixtape above, and pick out your top 3 too.