Why don’t we fall in love  ?” Mz.Infamous puts as one of the key questions that stood out in this track. Questions was released a month ago and it has over 300 plays.  It’s a nice love song on that tells a story based on the type of questions in her head. Just by seeing this one person, she comes up with all these various scenarios.

The beat really flows with the lyrics, Mz. Infamous paints a picture in her head and lets the listeners’ see what she sees. You can relate with a chill vibe of singing to this track with your headphones on and just grooving out in your room. The way she flows lyrically is smooth and isn’t hard to know the chorus by the end of the song. Especially, if you catch her famous endlines: “Is it true, Am I falling for you?

Be on the look out for more of Mz.Infamous sounds. And don’t forget to click the link and listen !