My Birthday

Mz. Infamous came out with the craziest banger to start off the summer! During the 2 months it’s been released on soundcloud, she has almost up to 300 plays.

This track  starts off with a hard vibrant beat that makes listeners want to vibe out and party. True, this is a party banger, but the difference between this song and just a regular club banger is that the lyrics is relatable. Everyone wants to turn up on their birthday and to show out with their squads at parties.

Not only does Mz. Infamous have a hype beat, but her constant metaphors throughout the track makes the song have a light and fun sound, lyrically wise. It gives it that comfortable feel to guess sing along and turn up.

So make sure you list the songs on your summer playlist or a birthday one and turn up with Mz.Infamous’s track.