Other Side



Take a minute and think. What are we dealing with in society, in our world? Where is peace, hope, and everything our ancestors have fought for? Joey Tre’ was thinking these same questions when he released Other Side on soundcloud. Yes, it was released 6 months ago, but it reached over 300 plays within that time period.

#BlackLivesMatter, a hashtag created when police brutality started to break out across social media. It’s a cause that needs to be heard and not silenced. Joey Tre’ understands exactly how serious it is and he’s taking a stand just like great people before him, such as, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. “These is what I’m seeing on the other side, can you see what I be seeing on the other side?”

It’s true, we, as a black community, can’t forget how far we’ve come and how long we will have to keep fighting to make our matters heard.

If you agree, you would give Other Side a listen and stand up for your rights too.