Arm’s Length


Summer Recap single, Arm’s Length, was released by LGD very own, Joey Tre‘. From the day it was released up until now, it has got oven 3,000 plays and over 10 re-posts. It surely turned into the summer jam of the year.

Everyone has that number one person who they can trust.  In some cases, it’s usually that Grade A group of friends you can count on. In Joey Tre’s case, he explains there are people he can depend on, On the other hand, there are also people around him that he can’t be that close to, which would cause him to keep his distance.

Getting into the instrumental aspect, it has a smooth beat to vibe out to.  Not your typical hype song, but with a message like this, it’s not suppose to be.  It has an older feel that takes you back to the 90’s era. The vocals in the background also gives the track a smooth jazz feel.

Joey Tre’s Arm Length turned out to be a hit on soundcloud with so many plays. Be sure to give the track a listen and vibe out too.