Cut From the Same Cloth

The lyricist of conscious flow, also known as Joey Tre’, released his latest Cut From the Cloth, 6 months ago. Since then, it has been getting a lot of revenue.  There are a few songs that has gotten over 2,000 plays on sound cloud, alone. Joey Tre’ was able to launch this album to various streaming networks, such as,  iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Datpiff, and YouTube. This proves his increase in listeners because of the available outlets provided.

Now, down to the music,

No Time for Talk, Just Action,”

The track, No Time,  is a callout of how Joey Tre’ is moving forward his career.  He explains he dropped his old image (formerly known as T-Trace) and take on a new revenue, such as Joey Tre’. It is a positive movement to reborn into the image that will carry his new sound wave and connect with his fans more. It goes behind a very aggressive beat with pounding 808s. However, the instrumental behind this matches his energy.

“You Cant Vibe, If you can’t try.. Keep it 100” -100

The track, 100, is a throwback of Joey Tre emerging his sound to the world.  It is his intake on how people should just be real with him at all times and not to just be there because he is on the up and up. Breaking down the instrumental part, there are 808s and certain strings that brings out the flow of the song.

“In the city fill of crime, you have the whole world crumbing down… The problem starts with us,” – Criminology

The track, Criminology, is a slower tempo, which works for the storytelling flow he has chosen. It just express Joey Tre’s opinion on how the crime rates in the city has worsen as  years moved on. Nowadays, it seems no where is safe to be outside before a certain time. As a result of that, it’s tearing the city. Awareness and solutions should be made to change the city for the better.

There are more songs, but of those three are the most that impacted me as soon as I listened to them. Be sure to check out more songs on this album and be on the lookout for more of Joey Tre’.