Only for the Ill Ones


D.Vaughn the Illest drops “Only for the Ill Ones” on October  17, 2017 on soundcloud.  If you thought his last album was breaking barriers through Hip-Hop, this one will have you gone on another level of music. His last album, 3 Stripes & a Microphone, put a stamp on what his sound was about, but this album tells the world what he represents and more importantly, what he stands for.

Now, the breakdown.

Only for the Ill Ones has a lot of different vibes merged together in one album, but I’m going to go deeper on what tracks stood out the most to me.  So, Top 3:

Chill by D.Vaughn the Illest is technically the 1st song played after the intro.  It already has 136 plays since its been released and I believe it’s the best way to start the album.  It begins with repeating his name, “My name is Vaughn-my-my-my- name is Vaughn,” which is suppose to create the illusion of scratching records together. That sound is authentic because it expresses the sound of the original Hip-Hop DJ’s. No one can tell D.Vaughn to chill on the vibes he sends, which reminds you of the where the Hip-Hop sound came from.

Black Cream by D.Vaughn the Illest displays the history of what African-Americans are going through today in America and compares it to what happen over 200 years ago during the times of slavery. He explains that the everyday issues for African-Americans now is no better than being chained as slaves. We are all still chained to society, but it’s nothing we can’t fight through. “From chains and whips, to chains and whips, hop off the slave ships to the fly kicks, all my niggas can make it, we just got to escape it.”  Don’t let the society fool you, they fight against us, not for us.

FUQ by D.Vaughn feat. T.Monet, Zen Soup & Royale’ Michael is the best collaboration on the album. Different sounds from different artists that flow together on a chill vibe track  about unanswered questions that would come up in everyday life. It’s a different perspective from each artist as they asks questions they feel need to be answered. It is a good listen, as far as flow, because there’s a different feel given by the various questions each artist asks.

Overall, Only for the Ill Ones, is by far a great album D.Vaughn put together. Be sure to listen and pick your top three songs too.