No Equal: Competition is None

Number one, Competition is none, says D.Vaughn in his latest track, No Equal. This song was released on the 11th of June and right now, it only has 99 plays, but which is actually suprising because of how much this song has so many elements of a hit.

Not only does the beat bring the listeners in as soon as the catchy phrase “You know I’m Number One, Competition is none” plays, but the verses are also pack together and flows one after another. D.Vaughn’s flow has an heavy influence on westcoast spit take. The way you can hear the actual stratches like someone who put the beat together used orginial turn tables. Then, there’s the different instruments, such as a trumpet, and so much more, that blends together and creates this old school back beat.

Look out for more music like No Equal. If you miss any of this, you might just wake up and see that the 90s era of music has taken over again.