It’s the Summer Time

D.Vaughn has done it once more ladies and gents! Releasing his new single, Summertime, on soundcloud, on the 12th of June, D.Vaughn has created a laid back sound for listeners to enjoy being out of school, kicking back with friends, and just having a good time. Just in the expansion of two days, it has over 100 plays.

On this track, just from hearing the beat, Summertime makes you want to jump in the car with your friends and cruise down the coast. Even though its eastcoast sound, it has a style of 90s westcoast music, which is really diverse. The beat alone sounds close to one ofย Snoop Dogg’s oldย  tracks. D.Vaughn’s track carries a laid back vibe and gives the listeners something they can listen to while they relax and enjoy the summer weather.

Make sure you get a chance to listen to this track and add it to your summer playlist. D.Vaughn kicking the summer off with a really unique sound, and hopefully they will be more.