Everything Remains Ill

Released on Aug. 27, D.Vaughn the Illest shook the internet with his latest project, “Everything Remains Ill.” This project is not the norm. It pushes toward the older hip-hop sound. D.Vaughn tells his own story of how his vision of hip hop will never change. No matter what is trending, he will also stay true to his “rooted” hip-hop sound.

Now, getting down to a few tracks of his album.

Decapitation is the name of the first song right after the intro, and he already is coming for “people’s heads.” The song was a comeback that let his listeners know he never left. He can still bring “bars and beats that will break your speakers.”

Claiming the underground, D. Vaughn explains in Big-B that he is too busy working on music to care about how people want him to go ‘mainstream’ and incorporate radio sounds. That was never an option; he continues with boom-bap rap.

“He’s raw and vulgarโ€ฆ He will say whatever he wants to say when he wants to say it.” quoted by Cameron Graham, in the intro of the album.

And he does just that. Altogether, this project withheld 15 songs of the uncut truth, regarding how he felt when people told him to change the way he delivers his music. He won’t change for anyone; his sound will continue to remain ill.

Everything Remains Ill

August 27, 2020 (15 Songs : 37 min 50 sec)

Mainstream isn’t enough.