3 Stripes and a Mircophone: D.Vaughn’s Recap

D.Vaughn the Illest released an ear-dropping mixtape, 3 Stripes & a Mircophone, that showed different type of styles of who he is as an artist. When it was only released for 2 months, it already had over 100 plays to every song; some had over 200. This mixtape brought back the sound of late 80s-90s hip-hop. D.Vaughn indulged into the deep core of hip-hop and is turning into his own image in music.

Now, speaking of music:

The Importance of Being Earnest; when you hear that title, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Well, for D.Vaughn, it meant to be empowered and to not let anyone get in the way of  you are. Empowerment takes tearing down all the stereotypes of what people see and becoming someone you were born to be. Time to step out of the box of the world and create your image that you will be proud with in the end.

Facts You Know, featuring Mz.Infamous, makes their mark on the track and puts a different spin with a bit of a back in the day scene. Imagine just gathering around and listening to their rhymes in a park or a corner,  simply just to enjoy life and have a great time, hearing all the beats and schemes. This track symbolizes more just representing where you came from, but also where you started.

3 Stripes Mircophone; when you think of Adidas, who’s inspired them back then? Did Run DMC pop in your thoughts too? Just like them,  D.Vaughn is making that statement for shoes to be the stepping stone of people’s own image. More importantly, it’s effective.  Nor comparing Run DMC to D.Vaughn entirely, but they both knew that creating a way for people to wear shoes, paves a line for the next generation to appreciate them as well.  That way, the art is never forgotten.

So, 3 stripes and a mircophone, must have you thinking  about a lot by now. If you haven’t listened to it, I’m positive now you will.