During the weekend of celebration, CODA performed at his EP debut, THYMEWILLTELL, March 16th, 2019. The EP was released at midnight the night before for fans to listen and enjoy the songs, prior to the concert. CODA has a way of performing and every time he will surpass what is expected. With the live band in the background, surrounded by this blue lighting casting over the crowd. Every song had a surreal vibe, influencing the listeners.

CODA was asked a few questions to gather more intel on the vision he portrayed:

Q: What was the direct vision for THYMEWillTell?

A: It was a place of understanding. God allows us to go through seasons to grow and mature through Him, which is allows why Thyme is spelled like the seasoning because seasons change and it goes hand and hand.

Q: How long did it take to prepare for the concert?

A: Well, the planning started in November. There is a lot of brainstorming of ideas on how the theme of the concert should look. I called up my friend, Robyn, to get tips on what the set-up was going to look like and we just kinda went from there.

Q: What was the message behind the promotion image of THYMEWillTell?

A: Total and complete reliance on God. It’s apart of a bigger message, which is completely relying on God and being one with Him.

Q: Your EP comes with 6 versatile songs, did you want to add more or was that a good amount to portray your message? 

A: Well, going back and forth between certain projects, I kind of married ThymeWillTell in the end. Trying to make eight songs at first, but with stuck with six  songs, which I feel was enough for that project.

Q: Did you mean for the songs to transition so precisely? 

A: Yes, I wanted it to be so that way listeners can hear the EP 20 minutes, easily.  Anyone can listen to it to Point A & Point B and not skip a beat.

Q: Aftermath: Now that the concert has passed and EP is released, describe in a few words how you feel? 

A: I feel at peace, elated, and rested. I feel like I put that season to rest and now I look forward to working other projects I have at the ready.