“I can’t be your salvation… I can’t save you.”  This track CODA and TARAJ went head to head on is both powerful as it is truthful. With CODA’s background on playing various instruments (mostly percussion) , going into TARAJ’s knowledge and craftsmenship on accurate beat portions and direct hits, Salvation, shows both of their styles equally. The producer, Seth Bedenbaugh, crafted their styles well into this uplifting beat that makes you want to dance as soon as you hear it.

Yes, they are talking about not being a girl’s salvation, which is probably one of the most relatable messages any guy can feel to. In their primetime, which is early 20s to mid 30s, guys can focused on starting a life for themselves. If a girl comes and needs to be taken care of 24.7, it puts a tole on the guy. It distracts him from the bigger picture in life; growth. CODA and TARAJ makes it both clear in their verses that they are  in their own lane and heading straight forward what they planned out to be. If they were to be involved with a girl, it would have to be someone who is building toward that dream, not hendering it.

Go ahead and click on the link above to listen for yourself. You might want to add it to your summer playlist! It’s definitely a good way to start the summer off with.