That’s my family, that’s my family.Β  On November 17th, 2017, Coda released the track Fam on soundcloud and has been getting buzz ever since. Within the span of 2 weeks, this song has the potential to surpass all his previous plays by at least 200 more listeners. It would not be surprising if this track is a mark of what Coda’s image becomes.

Everyone has a code they live by, whether it’s strategic or just morals. Coda’s code in life is family, which is the strongest code there is. On a personal level, Coda comes from a huge family where they have 6 siblings; his brother Symba is the 2nd youngest. Since they grew up around the same age, it’s understandable how close every sibling is to each other. They go through life battles and struggles together, but still celebrate the victory in their life.

Coda’s purpose of this song is not only to tell the world about his family, but also relate to people who have that same code of family above anything.

Be sure to listen to this inspiring song and others in the near future!