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LaJuan Charles Arrington a.k.a, Juan, was born March 5th 1997 in Detroit Michigan. Juan was raised on the west side of Detroit in a single parent household. Juan attended Detroit Service Learning Academy (Formerly YMCA). He had always been interested in technology from a very young age. Juan grew up as a loner for the most of his childhood until he got into high school. He attended Henry Ford Academy School for Creative Studies. 

Juan has always been described as a deep thinker since he was little. Often his personal views were overlooked by family and past “friends”. He held a lot inside throughout his life. Depression had hit him hard to the point it hindered his life. That’s not the only thing it affected, freshmen year his grades went downhill.  At that moment, he felt like he had no hopes or dreams. That’s not until one stern conversation from his mother and her fallen tears changed in his mind.

Fast-forwarding to his senior year at the high school of Henry Ford Academy, Juan had really been affecting by the stress level, but luckily, he had a special woman in his life pushed him through it. The school had presentations for seniors were apart of graduation requirements. Juan geared up for his last moments in high school by creating this one specific presentation played a key part in his graphic design career. He had to make an art portfolio that contained his work from the last four years. After he presented his portfolio, he was told that he was good in Graphic Design and from then on Juan persued that path more seriously.

Last month of his senior year rolled up fast, and along with getting ready for graduation,  Juan had lost his beloved cousin due to a chain of motorcycle accidents in the Detroit Westside area just two days before it. This heartbreak had destroyed Juan for quite some time and even to this day. Since then, graduation seemed the furthest from his mind, but he accomplished it and had to move on with his future endeavors. After the graduation, his older brother wanted to take him for a drive on the way to his grandmother’s house. A visit to grandmas after graduations is a tradition for his Arrington half of family. He learned on that day that things were reaching a pivotal time in his life, and it was time to work.

Juan is currently a freshman in college at Eastern Michigan University. Being far away from home and family, he was pushed to work hard on his academics. Next semester of freshman year,  Juan worked as a mentor for children at the Parkridge Community Center in Ypsilanti and also had encountered T.R.I.B.E (Teaching Remembering Inspiring and Being Explosive ). He joins T.R.I.B.E and works as a Graphic Designer.  Creating cover art for the songs performers has is a current hobby he has. From a long time, his admiration for cover arts it’s something he takes time to do. Still, Juan is pushing forward through his academics and work, and is very grateful that the committee allowed him to be apart of the team and have accepted his gifts as they are.

Ways to Contact Juan

Twitter : LAJUVN

Instagram : @Curlyheadpapi (Business IG : @OB3JUAN)

Email : basedlake@gmail.com

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