Deziray Sharie


Deziray Taylor, also known as Deziray Sharie, is from Muskegon, MI and has been singing since she was three years old. She first started singing in her church at the age of 5 when she begged the choir director to let her sing with the choir, even though she knew none of the words. “I was so intrigued with how passionate the singers were, & I just knew that one day,  I was going to be somebody like that“.

When Deziray attended North Muskegon Public Schools, she continued to use her talent with great achievements.

During her high school career, Deziray got the opportunity to be in 2 musicals. One of the musicals was a Fraunethal musical production called Hairspray, which she  was assigned a role as one of the Motown kids during her freshman year. The other musical  she participated in was a school musical called “The Wizard of Oz”, which Deziray roled as Glinda the Good Witch during her senior year.Her theater experience has been active in many school talent shows, showcases, charity events, churches, Muskegon Has Talent, & recently auditioned for America’s Got Talent.
The main thing that has influenced  Deziray is her passion for singing in the church choir & school choir. She was section leader in her high school choir for 3 years & received a Musician of the Year award her senior year due to her great accomplishments. Deziray also continues to sing in church because that’s where it all started. “It’s nice to exploit your talented in different places where people seem to appreciate you, but never forget where you come from.”
Now as a freshman at Eastern Michigan University, Deziray continues to use this passion by continuing to sing at college & on social media. She is currently majoring in Psychology & Communications, but music is always to be a gift she carrys. Deziray is also
member of the EMU Gospel Choir & also a member of a group called T.R.I.B.E., which stands for Teaching, Remembering, Inspiring, & Being Explosive.Being in these two groups has opened so many positive doors for me, & needless to say, I feel as if I belong“.

In the near future, Deziray hopes to graduate college with a masters in Communications & Bachelors in Psychology. Then afterwards, she hopes to start on her singing career while traveling around the world, and plans to settle down in Florida.

Deziray Sharie’s overall goal is to inspire others who feel as if they have lost hope in themselves, & to set a positive image for those who strive to be successful.
Ways to contact Deziray Sharie
Facebook: Deziray Taylor
Instagram: voice_of_an_angel
Snapchat: dezsharie
Twitter: True_Beauty30