Tom the Lyricist


Tom the Lyricist, formerly known as T-Trace, but now goes by Joey Tre’, is an aspiring hip-hop artist from Chicago, Illinois.  He is a true lyricist to the core and contains sounds in his music and flow that blends together both the old and new styles of hip-hop; serving as a bridge between the two and creating the best of both worlds.  He has always displayed an interest in music even at a young age and has been greatly influenced over the years by a number of artists, consisting of: Kendrick Lamar, Nas, J Cole, Eminem, Tupac, Biggie, Kanye, Jay-Z, Rakim, Nate Dogg, Black Thought, Chance the Rapper, Outkast, and N.W.A.

From storytelling, to rhyme schemes, to cleverly implemented wordplay, Tom continues to exercise his versatility in music.  He can progress rather quickly in only a small amount of time, and is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve his craft and take it to the next level.  As a hard worker, Joey Tre is always on the go and planning out his next move in order to push his career along even further.

I’m always working on something 24/7.  My new material soon becomes old to me because I’m constantly writing and working on new songs every other day.  I have a good team backing me up and supporting me to keep going hard with this music and I have no intention of slowing up anytime soon.  Every time I release a new project, best believe I’m already a quarter of the way done with my next.”

So far, he has two mixtapes under his belt, one of which he just released two days ago titled: “Chicago State of Mind Vol. 2” available on both Soundcloud and Reverbnation.  Balancing both music and school isn’t an easy thing to do, but he makes it quite possible.  Soon to be graduating from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Business Marketing, he is working to put himself in a position to be able to make a living out of doing the one thing he loves and does best.  Accomplishing his dreams and aspirations, while also remembering to always keep God first and let him guide his decisions, knowing that he will always keep him on the right path. 

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Ways to Contact Joey Tre’

IG: @Joey_Tr3

Twitter: @Joey_Tr3