IMG_1716Ayinde Pulliam, also known as, SNAFU, is an  upcoming artist who recently started his journey in pursuing music. Coming from Lansing, his sound in music is very uncommon, but it is still influenced by a lot of well-known artists from the east side. “Listening to a lot of NY and east coast artists inspired me to be like them.  That hard and gritty type feel is what I like and I always wanted to make my own version of that sound,”

This may be the beginning for SNAFU, but he did have some thoughts on his career, “Right now, I just wanna be locally known. The rest will come in time. Honestly, I’m not looking to get big, I just wanted to be able to spit and put out music,”

SNAFU is currently a sophomore at Central Michigan University. Even though he is hitting those books, it doesn’t stop him for being apart of the hip-hop movement on campus. He join JustUs League, a hip-hop organization, to better himself moving forward in rapping. He already performed in a few events they host on campus and networked with a lot of other influential people in his field.

Some of SNAFU’s previous activities consist of being a formal football player at Lansing Eastern High School, as well as a wrestler.  Wrestling has been his longest sport that he stuck with for 12 years. Even though him and his brothers took the sport route, his family always been musically inclined. In a way, he always had the influence of music around his childhood.

SNAFU’s views for the future is simple:

Success. In life, I just wanna be financially stable. Not rich but not have to struggle either. As far as music, I wanna be known as the artist known for his “bars” and lyricism; that “hardcore” artist.”

Overall, SNAFU is new to the game, but it doesn’t deny his vision for where he wants to be known for. He might not be mainstream, but he knows that he can have a good time in what he creates.

Ways to Follow SNAFU:

Facebook: Ayinde Pulliam


Snap: ajlpulliam42