RoyaltyRoyale Weatherspoon , lyrically known as,  Royale is a 18 year old talented artist from Ypsilanti, MI. He tends to abide by spoken word poetry, but he also is a rapper/songwriter as well. Royale tells his journey of how he became the known artist he is today:

” When I was younger, I moved from Ypsilanti to Detroit. During my middle school years in the city, I started writing at an early age and it was mostly poetry about girls, but I started to notice that I started writing about pretty much anything. After middle school, I stopped writing, but my passion for writing shortly kicked in after I graduated high school at Huntley High School in Huntley, IL. 

  After high school, I started taking writing seriously again and since last November, I figured out what my purpose was to be an artist. My purpose is to change the world positively with the messages that I put in my poetry and songs. I have a long way to go and since then, I have gather a lot of my own covers to songs. I know in the near future when I start to put my spoken word into my songs, it would create nothing but beautiful messages for me to share with the world.”

Royale is really movitated to change the world with his music. Below you can check out some of the work he has already done by clicking on one of his links:


Ways to Contact Royale: 

Soundcloud: Royale Weatherspoon 

Instagram: KingRoyaleW |Twitter:  @KingRoyaleW