Farrow White, who is lyrically known as Gamo, currently lives in Detroit, MI where he pursues the art of rapping. He started off as a hip-hop dancer, working with various artists, such as, Jon Brown, Dollhouse, Dion Price, Lady Te, and etc. Gamo also has had the opportunity to work with Snoop Dogg on a talk show when he lived in Cali. Now, Gamo wants to show the world what he can do on the mic.

In his own words, he explains how music has impacted his gifts:

“My music is really a reflection of what I go through or have gone through growing up in the burbs, as well as the city. I don’t just stick to rapping. If I feel like singing on a song, I sing. If I feel like rapping. I rap. The beats I work with really determine what I’m going to do”

This Triple Threat has a lot of gifts in his reach and is willing to use them to achieve his goals. Not only with singing and rapping, but dancing as well. He still choreographs with his dance group (Next Level Dance Crew) in Detroit from time to time and he has performed in music videos with artists such as, Childish Gambino, showing that talent. Gamo shows a lot of determination and hard work into making his dreams a reality and that’s definitely a trait that going to get him where he exactly wants to be.

Ways to contact Gamo:

IG:iiiamgamo /Twitter:iiiamgamo/