Fuzz (X)

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Fuzz (X) (aka FuzzBerg Slim), is a songwriter, poet, spoken word, soul, and Hip-Hop artist.  He was born and raised on the west side of Detroit and started his craft in 2009 when he began battle rapping and free styling just for fun. By 2010, Fuzz (X) began mildly recording and learning how to engineer/produce his own music.
He is the Vocal Delegate and a member of The FuzzGang (Brotherhood), (which he named after; contrary to popular belief).
He is currently in his final year at Western Michigan University.

His inspiration of music is influenced by the great Malcolm X, Public Enemy, Tupac, Maya Angelou, the streets of Detroit, poverty, and his parents.

Check out his new exclusive “Whoa Whoa”, as well Someday (Your Prince Will Be in Effect) EP, and his Detroit R.E.D album:
Brand new exclusive single “Whoa Whoa”
Someday (Your Prince Will Be in Effect) EP
This link features the trailer to Detroit R.E.D. You don’t want to miss it!
 Ways to Contact Fuzz (X)
Instagram: @1FuzzySlippers
Twitter: @1FuzzySlippers
Soundcloud: TheFuzzGang
FuzzGang Presents: The Influence