From that day on I try to create worlds with my words that describe the space I’m in.  I am Daniel. 

An artist named Daniel Hall is from the west side of Detroit “Puritan”, who is best described as “Urban with a suburban spark”. He began making music in third grade when he had the opportunity to record with his music teacher. His music teacher pushed him to record on her MacBook Pro because she saw him constantly writing verses for other students. Daniel admits, at the time, he was too shy to perform his own lyricism himself. He became obsessed with writing and see the reaction he would get from his father when he dropped punched lines and metaphors, but his father told him that wordplay is nice, but it’s all about what you are saying.  

What rappers then or now influenced you in how you carry your flow?  

Then  LL Cool J , Ice Cube, Doc , Nas, and  Tupac

Now J Cole,  Drake, Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar, and Kanye West 

Each of these artist help me as a person and taught me how to balance my flow”

What is your overall mission as a local artist?  

“My overall mission is to tell my truth, I wanna give my pain my joy and my hard work to others so they can see there is another way. I brag about buying stocks and being in love I’m trying to show the youth that we can be who we please and also stay financially  stable”

Where do you see your music going as for as career or what steps are you taking for future goals in life?  

“As far as where my music will take me I have no idea but as long as I can continue to make it that’s fine with me . I’m currently educating myself on the mixing mastering aspect of music I record my own music. I am trying to learn the back in so I can create my own label “UrbanSmart”. My plan is to continue to study and purchase a studio, I wanna help young artist find their voice rather it’s graphic design, rap, singing , or starting a business I wanna learn how to help others reach their goal”


Ways to Contact Daniel:

Email: justjaysart@gmail.com

Instagram: Druglordpicasso


Facebook: Daniel Hall