Coda, also known as,  Aaron Marsalis Johnson II has moved across the U.S and Europe a total of nine times over the course of his 21-years of age. His love for music was noticed and strategically honed beginning at age 4. Beat-boxing and providing himself with ”theme music” going through everyday life, his parents decided to purchase him a full drum set at age 7. Over the next 5 years, he would learn to out-play everyone that he received private lessons from. His teachers ranged from college level young professionals (who were well-versed in genres, such as rock and alternatives) to middle-aged Latin jazz specialists.

Following the death of his eldest sister Ashley whom he says he was “most close with during childhood years,” he became more solitary in his creative efforts, making music that he was not willing to share with interested outsiders, namely his parents, siblings and close friends. During this time, Coda began exploring hip-hop and rap from a tightly monitored outlook because of parental control over his music intake. Coda’s first introduction to rap was with artists such as T-Bone and Da Truth.

At age 12, his family moved overseas to Zurich, Switzerland because of his father’s job requirements as a General Motors Executive. While in Europe, Coda discovered a higher calling. He found himself realizing the gravity of, and greater purpose for, his inclination and love for all things music. Continuing to grow in his abilities, Coda has completed two of four years of college as the first male in his generation of the Johnson family to pursue a college education. The young emcee is now in a place where he is constantly exposing himself to greater art and expounding upon his vision for the possibilities that the industry holds for him as an artist, producer, entrepreneur and world-changer.

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