Damien Montgomery Jr., also known as DGMJ, is a start-up music producer that reins from the city of Pontiac, MI.

His musical journey began at the age of 12 years old. He grew up listening to his dad’s beats during his childhood and it gave him a drive to start his own passion of producing.

Even though my dad stopped making beats, I kind of feel like I’m continuing his work

Before producing, DGMJ tried to dabble into rapping, but he knew producing was the way to go. He may just be starting out in his career, but he does have a vision of where he would like to go as a producer.

I want to be the most popular producer in the industry

Back in high school, DGMJ attempted to make a mixtape, but he learned that rapping wasn’t his strongest suit. It was a project called  “Perspectives” on soundcloud with other singles that he worked on around that time, as well.

“I attempted poorly in high school to make a mixtape called ‘Perspectives’, but back then I didn’t take it too seriously”

DGMJ is currently enrolled into the Art Institute of Novi studying Audio Production. As of now, he is learning to manipulate sounds to get a better vibe in what he produces for artists.

“I’m working to be extremely versatile in my hip-hop production skills”

Some things that DGMJ does in his spare time is collect tons of pointless facts. Currently, he is employed at Forever 21 in Twelve Oaks Mall and works on his craft every chance he gets to become the producer he envisions to be.

Ways to Contact DGMJ

Twitter: 4_cashe


Snapchat: the_b3st