DJ TJ Hailing from the south side of Flint, Tanjae Chairse, known to the homies as TJ, has always dabbled in music. From playing the clarinet in middle and high school, to producing random beats on Fruity Loops at 15, TJ was marked as the headphone wearing music freak. Her real relationship with music did not blossom until her freshman year of high school — where she was formally introduced to A Tribe Called Quest.

The poetry behind their intellect intrigued her, causing her to dive deeper into hip-hop culture. At the age of 19, TJ began DJing; though self-taught (and YouTube trained), TJ was determined to master the first element of hip-hop. Now at 22 years old, the hip-hop fanatic devotes any free time she gets to practicing on the 1’s and 2’s and digging through 90s hip hop crates.

Hip-Hop is more than a culture — it’s a way of life.”
Ways to Contact TJ
Snapchat: tj_thetiger
Twitter: @hiphopmarauder
Facebook: Tanjae  Chairse