DJ Lokeise


Lokeise Fanning, also known as, DJ Lokeise, is from Mississippi, but was raised in Detroit. He started his journey as a DJ by watching his dad when he was younger.

During his childhood, he would travel to various places with his dad while he played at different functions, such as, weddings or charity events and also witnessed a lot of networking in  this field as well.  Now, it’s his turn to venture out just like his dad and take on a whole new role of being a disc jockey.

DJ Lokeise has the tools for where he wants to advance in the Hip-Hop world. With his experience of being a DJ for 9 years, his grind has been constant in improving himself to be apart of bigger events, such as,  the Techno Fest in Detroit and the Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

Previously,  he has been the dj to a lot of concerts with multiple churches, charity organizations, and colleges. As well as, weddings and several house parties. Aside from being a DJ, he has been building up his producer experience for 3 years. He also worked with other artists, such as Coda, to align his music together for performances.

DJ Lokeise is going to go far with his networking and DJ experience at various places. Being on the road he’s headed toward, his future plans can’t be too far from coming true.

Ways to contact DJ Lokeise:

IG: djlokeise

Soundcloud :Dj-Lokeise