About LGD

Lyrically Gifted Divinity started in January 2016 as just an idea. Somehow, with the ambition of our founder and the trust of a few Michigan artists, it grew into a protection shield for artists to shine their original creativity. Local music is hardly getting covered by mainstream media. This site was born to expose the divinity of local artists and show the true belly of artists all over the world.

This divinity, hopefully, will be able to keep growing and help any artists who are pushing to have their voices heard.

What Artists Say

If they show you their true colors, believe them.

Joey tre

I will be one of the greatest, this is a vow, that this a promise.

(The King’s Affirmation- Iniko)


To live a life without fulfilling one’s purpose is to die 1,000 deaths.


Mainstream isn’t enough.